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Implementation and advisory services to comply with the social security and INFONAVIT rules and their legal challenge in court

Advice regarding social security obligations which clients must fulfill.

Legal and labor relationships advice to client's management personnel.

Advice regarding the correct interpretation and application of the Social Security Law in employer registration, workers enrollment and incident warnings matters: salary modifications, cancelation of enrollment, re-entries, incapacities, retention and notification of employee-employer fees, employer substitution, among others.

Design and implementation of strategies within the Law regarding social security, in order to optimize the benefits system and social security obligations of Companies.

Advice regarding the cancelation of enrollment before SUA.

Advice regarding the filling of ST1, about occupational risks.

Advice regarding the calculation of the insurance of occupational risks premium.

Advice regarding the incapacities originated from occupational risks, sicknesses and maternity.

Development of defense strategies against authority acts.

Clarification before the IMSS about any difference on employee-employer fees and definite acts of the Payments

Collection Office of IMSS.

Requirement of any kind of devolution of overpaid employee-employer fees to IMSS.

Clarification and, when applicable, challenge of liquidation of employee-employer fees, records of differences on employer-employee fees, Companies’ classification resolutions, annual occupational risks premium rectification resolutions, fines, constituent capitals, workers enrollment and salary integration.

Advice regarding notification and retention of employee-employer fees ordered by IMSS or by INFONAVIT

Advice on the adequate retention and notification of amortizations of credits given by INFONAVIT to the client’s workers.

Clarification of definite acts of the INFONAVIT such as: liquidation records, differences records, contributions, amortizations and maintenance.

Analysis and elaboration of consultancies about individual application cases on social security and INFONAVIT matters.

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