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Salvador Sanchez López

Telephone Number:
+52 (55) 5631 9666 Ext.17


  • Consulting on individual and collective employment matters


Graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), generation (1996-2001)

Since 2001, he has been part of BSN Bufete Sánchez Navarro, S.C., mainly focused on consultancy on employment matters.

In his professional practice, he has been in charge of various company purchase processes, employment reengineering (modification / unification of benefits), implementation of the employment practices and policies necessary for their operation in Mexico, as well as day to day monitoring of employment issues, from the preparation of compensation schemes, individual employment contracts, to the termination of the employment relationships with workers and employees.

Likewise, he has participated in various negotiations in collective matters, whether derived from annual or bi-annual reviews of collective bargaining agreements, for probable violations of the same, as well as due to striking for signing of collective agreements or entitlement agreement.

Additionally, he has specialized in the application in Mexico of global compensation schemes for foreign entities (achievement bonus, deferred compensation plans, stock purchase option, among others). As well as the implementation of obligations such as periods of hibernation (garden leave), not requesting (non solicit), non-competence and confidentiality.

As of January 2012, he was appointed partner of BSN Bufete Sánchez-Navarro, S.C.

He has completed various graduate studies, including his participation in the Management Program for Lawyers at Yale University, and the Master's Degree in Employment Law and its Transformations at the Escuela Libre de Derecho.

Study detail

  • 2009 Management Program for Lawyers - Yale School of Management
  • 2010 Refresher Course in Employment Matters - Escuela Libre de Derecho
  • 2011 Seminar on Civil Liability
  • 2012 Employment Reform Seminar
  • 2013 Expatriate Regime Seminar in Mexico
  • 2013 -2015 Master in Employment Law and its Transformations

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