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Rafael Sánchez-Navarro Caraza

Managing Partner
Telephone Number:
+52 (55) 5631 9666 Ext.12


Graduated from the Escuela Libre de Derecho, generation 1976-1981; he was President of the Student Society in the period 1980 - 1981.

Since 1977, he has been immersed in the practice of employment law, beginning his training as a lawyer in individual litigation, to later be involved in collective bargainings and various litigations of this nature.

In 1987, he founded Bufete Sánchez-Navarro, S.C. (today BSN Bufete Sanchez-Navarro, S.C.).

He has completed various graduate studies such as a specialty in employment law at the Universidad Panamericana, has participated in the Management Program for Lawyers at Yale University, as well as a diploma in Human Rights and Amparo at the Escuela Libre de Derecho, among others. Recently he obtained the Master degree on Employment Law by the Escuela Libre de Derecho.

He participated in workshops of the Reform to the Federal Employment Law in 2012, in the Senate of the Republic.

He was coordinator of the edition of the Mexican Employment Regime Book, which contains practical and doctrinal comments on the Federal Employment Law and various studies have been published on specific issues of Employment Law.

He has participated as a speaker or speaker at various national and international forums on specialized topics in Employment Law and Human Resources.

During the 35 years of his professional life he has participated directly or strategically in more than 10,000 individual litigation.

He has participated in countless collective negotiations highlighting the Dina Case, where in 1989, the Collective Employment Contract was reconverted, laying the foundations for a Collective Contract based on productivity and where compensation and compensation were fundamentally restructured professional development of the workers as well as the negotiation with the Miners Union in the steel smelting plant in Lázaro Cárdenas, where a productive relationship has been maintained with said union.

He participated in the strategic design to establish the hourly pay in the film industry, a system that became the industry standard.

He actively participates in various activities of social responsibility as a counselor at Appleseed, he is a lover of sport, especially athletics, where he has involved the community of lawyers organizing the Law School annually since 1996.

He is a member of the Ilustre y Nacional Colegio de Abogados, serving as deputy coordinator of Employment Law, being coordinator of the course on Updating Employment material in 2010, and co-coordinator of the Master of Employment Law.

He is coordinator and professor in the Master degree in Employment Law and its Transformations at the Escuela Libre de Derecho

He is currently Managing Partner of BSN Bufete Sánchez Navarro, S.C., which coordinates strategically and actively.

Details of studies and taught courses

Among the studies he has carried out are:

  • 1984 Specialty in Employment Law from the Universidad Panamericana
  • 1985 Seminar in Corporate Law by Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México
  • 1992 Reforms to Social Security and Housing Found Institute Laws by the National Association of Business Lawyers
  • 1997 Seminar on Legal Provisions of the Pension Fund Managers (Afores) compared to the year 2000
  • 2001 Course: Mediation, Alternative Mechanism for Dispute Resolution
  • 2001 Seminar: Alternative Mechanism for dispute resolution
  • 2001 Seminar: Review of Basic Concepts of Employment Law at the Barra Mexicana de Abogados
  • 2008 Management Program for Lawyers - Yale School of Management
  • 2010 Coordinator of the Refresher Course on Employment Matters at the Escuela Libre de Derecho
  • 2012 Employment Reform Seminar
  • 2013 - 2015 Master's Degree in Employment Law and its Transformations at the Escuela Libre de Derecho, obtaining the Master's Degree in Law in 2018, with the thesis entitled “The collision of rights in the individual and collective dimension of freedom of association.”

Exhibitor in:

  • 1986 Course: Termination and Termination of the Employment Relationship in Altamirano, Estudillo & Sanchez - Navarro
  • 1993 Conference: Doing Business with Mexico
  • 2000 Program: International employment, employment and benefits law issues at Seyfarth Shaw Attorneys
  • 2003 - 2005 Various refresher courses for members of the Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration, Secretary of Employment and Social Security and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • 2005 Wall Street Employment Lawyers Working Group International Employment Law Forum 2005
  • 2008 Update of the Employment Process at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • 2016 Fifth day of the Consultation Forum for daily Employment Justice, at the Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration
  • 2018 Individual Employment Relations, within the course of Employment Procedural Law, Mexican Social Security Institute

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