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Appropriate legal opinion for the prevention of labor conflicts


The consulting services in the area of labor are based on the objective of preventing conflicts between employees and employers.

This objective is fulfilled through a permanent communication between of the Partners, Associates and Lawyers of this firm and the General Management, the Legal Management or Human Resources areas of the Company.

Our services in this area include:


Recruitment and selection policies.

Development and negotiation of employment offers (offer letters).

Development or modification of Individual Employment Contracts according to each of the categories, responsibilities and duties of employees.

Letters of allocation and Individual Employment Contracts for employees working abroad or foreign employees.

Development of confidentiality agreements and non-competition.


Analysis and consultations of individual cases in labor matters.

Provide the legal advice on labor relationships to the staff in charge of the Company.

Issuance of opinions to the specific consultations of the Company.

Drafting, revision and modification of policies and manuals of employees.

Implementation of various policies relating to the labor relationship.

Analysis of the possible effects of modifications to the terms and conditions of employment.

Modification of terms and conditions of individual employment.

Preparation of the documents that may be required in the labor management of the Company.

Compensation of employees and workers.

Changes in the interpretation of laws and their implications in the development of the labor relationship.


Legal advice regarding the termination of employment of employees to the Company.

Calculation of the potential claims and settlements that could correspond to the employee or worker.

Development of the Agreements and other documents necessary for the termination of the employment relationship.

Attention and follow up to the termination, including extra-judicial Agreements of litigation process termination or for the agreement to be ratified before the Conciliation and Arbitration Board.

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